The physical practice of yoga is suitable for all body types and ages.  Yoga can release the tension build up in our bodies by isolating each muscle group, stretching that group and sending oxygenated blood to that area.  It also encourages deep and mindful breathing to reawaken the tissues in the body, leading to a refreshed and calmer mindset.  Without the conscious breath, yoga is just exercise.

Hatha Yoga provides a great foundation for those curious about yoga. This style of yoga is gentle and slow paced, providing a general introduction to the basic yoga poses.

Vinyasa Flow has a direct focus on breath synchronised movement.  This technique involves moving from one posture to the next with an inhalation or an exhalation.

Yoga works on every aspect of the physical body; building strength, stamina, toning and flexibility.  It also improves the mental body through concentration, awareness, and the ability to simply relax!

The Teacher

Jenny SutherlandJenny Sutherland is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, and comes from an accounting background.  She began practicing Hatha yoga in 2006 as a way of relieving stress during busy periods from her full time occupation.  As she became more experienced in her practice, she discovered an amazing correlation between her quality of life and her yoga. As she became stronger, more flexible and patient on the mat she found these qualities reflected in her daily life. This inspired her to undertake further study of yoga, with the aim of sharing the physical and benefits with others.  Jenny completed her training in early 2010 with the Trinity Yoga Teacher Training Program.  She began teaching beginner’s Hatha Yoga at Soul Yoga in Torrens shortly afterwards, for a period of three years.

Jenny is focused on helping students of all levels release tension, improve concentration and find an inner calmness through gentle exercises that build strength, flexibility and promote balance.  Her teaching style incorporates Hatha yoga and the Vinyasa flow.  In addition to the two classes offered each week, Jenny also teaches a corporate yoga class at the Department of Human Services.